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About Us

Danuu Paddle Gear is proud to provide you with the covers we designed for our own kayaks and canoes!  

Danuu Covers were created by longtime buddies and paddlers themselves, Danusia Larsen and Nuuana Robinson (hence, the name Danuu). Danuu expanded from just covers to a full line of paddle, kayak, canoe, fishing and doggie gear. Offering affordability and reliability to kayak dealers and retail customers everywhere, and coupled with great customer care, Danuu is one of the leaders in the paddle sport industry today. Real paddlers making products for real paddlers like you! 


  nuuana-and-danusia.jpg  danuisa-and-nuuana

Original Danuu Mascots: R.I.P., Robbie and Oliver.


Nuuana coached the Offshore Outrigger Team in Southern California.



Danuu Paddle Gear Inc. is located in Southern California 
Our Customer Service hours are: 
9:00 am - 4:00 pm, M-F (Pacific Standard Time)

or call toll free 1-877-Danuu-Me (1-877-326-8863)

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