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Kayak, Canoe & SUP Covers

Paddle Bags, Kayak Seats, Accessories, and Fishing Gear

Durable and Adjustable. Designed for travel, outdoor storage, and overall protection.


13 cover sizes fit most kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards.

✔️ Adjustable: Simple to use and easy to cinch for a custom fit.

✔️ Travel: Our covers protect from dings on the road and provide a built-in safety flag.

✔️Outdoor Storage: Durable, water, & UV-resistant material keeps the elements at bay.

✔️ 7 Kayak Sizes: From 9 feet up to 26 feet

✔️ 3 Canoe Sizes: From 11 feet up to 18 feet 6 inches
✔️ 3 SUP Sizes: From 10 feet to 14 feet

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Want a Mini?

Get in touch for a 16-inch sample mini cover made in the same material and color as the full-size cover.

Don't forget the paddle bags, accessories, kayak seats, and fishing gear.

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