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Cover Care Tips

Cover Care Tips


Danuu Tips and Suggestions


Helpful Tips from people like you...Danuu cover owners!


J.D. - Put your cover on your craft before strapping it onto your car.


N.D. - Where I live it seems to rain all the time...I never let the water well on the cover for long and find that my 3 year old cover took well to a bit of scotch guard to keep it doing it's job!


J.B. - ...when traveling with the boats on the roof rack...We've discovered that criss-crossing the side straps under the boat works great to stop the parachute effect, i.e., the left side strap crosses underneath to the right and buckles into the right and vice versa. (see pic on How to Cover page)


T.R. - If you are using the cover in transport, give a twist to the straps to reduce the wind friction and noise from the straps.


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