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Revivex Odor Eliminator by Gear Aid

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Danuu picks this Gear Aid product for all paddlers that fight mold on their gear. When washing just isn’t enough, use Revivex Odor Eliminator. Previously known as Mirazyme, this powerful and natural formula utilizes water-activated microbes to remove funky smells.

Rather than hide or mask bad odors, it safely removes the bacteria causing the odor. Apply as an odor eliminator spray or use it to soak neoprene suits. Add it to a machine wash as another option to easily refresh base layers and activewear. 

Comes in 8 oz size.

  • Powerful – Effectively eliminates odor causing bacteria from mildew, mold, pets and perspiration
  • Natural – Gentle formula with water-activated microbes effectively removes odor without damaging gear
  • Concentrated – Mix half an ounce with 20 gallons of water and treat multiple garments at once.
  • HE Compatible – Designed for all types of washing machines.

**Gear Aid has recently changed their packaging. If you received product in a different package then the one in the images on this page, rest assured it is the same great product!