20 Years of Happy Paddlers

20 Years of Happy Paddlers

Apr 30th 2022

20 years! Can you believe it? 

Thanks to those of you that take the time to let us know what you think. We never tire of your emails. They keep us going! Here's some of our favorites from over the years.

Paddle Bags

I personally like the plastic divider in the paddle bag. It provides strength, rigidity, and form to the bag in addition to the extra protection and, optionally, can be removed to form a third (or third and fourth on each side of the plastic sheet) Velcro internally closed pocket... I like your system of one pocket for each paddle.

14' SUP Racer bag fits my board perfectly! Thank you for the great product and for supporting military members by offering a 15% discount!

Just received my paddle bag- it's sweet! Thanks for a great product to protect my new paddle + for the fast shipping! Cheers!

Customer Service

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Your customer service is excellent.

It is refreshing to find a quality product and quality customer service at one company. I'm telling all of my paddling friends about your product and service.

Kayak, Canoe and SUP Board Covers

Cover arrived quickly from the good folks at ACK. The fit of the "Brat" is perfect on my Jackson Cuda 12....like it's a custom cover. Just bought my GF a WS Tarpon 120 last Sunday so we will be ordering another cover for her boat. Thanks for making a great product.
N. A.

Just to let you know my SUP cover arrived yesterday and I am very please with the fit and materials. Thanks, T.Y.

Hi, I would like to get four more buckle sets (both halves) for my canoe cover, which is still a fantastic cover after ten years of use.C.D.

The covers arrived on Friday and we popped them onto the boats on Sunday. They look very well thought out and made. Great value! They are the perfect length, although the girth is a bit generous for our skinny little boats. Will do a great job on them though. We're impressed.

Just got my cover and I love it! I live in Florida and my kayak stays outside on a rack I built that is under a tree, so it was getting a lot of sun and leaves and the occasional cat sleeping on it. The cover is so well made and is going to keep my kayak from the harsh summer sun and cats! Thanks

Our kayak cover arrived today and it's fantastic! So happy with the quality and already have it fitted to our kayak. Just in time too, we have had a warm and dry spring so far, but there is nasty weather on the way!

Incidentally we love your kayak cover. When we first purchased them we posted a picture of them in use atop our Yukon. We are now in the process of converting to trailer transportation because of our agin bodies. When our trailer is complete we'll send a new picture or two. Thanks for a great product!

The Canoe cover is awesome....very impressed w/ the quality.

That's my opinion. You design and build an excellent product.

Received my Punk Kayak Cover today. The quality, design and workmanship are outstanding. I could not have imagined any nicer cover. Thank you so much. Also the Paddle bag is a gem. You definitely have quality gear, well worth the price.

I am really hesitant to order over the internet....but must share the paddle cover was absolutely the best. I did visit local dealers and went out on the web....it is a quality product....very pleased.

I just received my Dannu kayak cover. Wow, what a great design! It's so cool to find a product that someone actually spent some time thinking about the design.

Just received my Buddy cover from the local dealer here in Germany – and it's bloody AWESOOOME! It fits perfect .. even in our little flat the "Spirit" is now safe of my flatmates ;) Thanks to you for that fabulous work..

Again, very impressed w/the fit, function and overall quality of my Danuu cover. It keeps my Kaskazi Dorado looking pristine and functions equally well whether my kayak is sitting in the backyard on Talic stands; or, when it's strapped to the rack on my Tundra on a 400-mile round trip to Ocracoke Island (Outer Banks of North Carolina).

Have wanted to send you a note saying "Thanks" and how much I appreciate all of your help in determining the correct model and of the excellent customer service I experienced in dealing with Danuu. I received my "Punk" and it fit and was as easy to use as advertised. It actually fits from either the top or the bottom (that's how I store my "Red" and potentially UV susceptible Hobie Mirage).......
Thanks again for all your help.

Our two Buddy covers arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you. Fine product, well designed,and very easy to use. ;^)

I'm pretty new to surfskis and recently decided to go for it and bought a brand new boat...at around three grand I wanted something to protect my boat while going to and from workouts! What a shock to see that those custom jobs were in the 350-450+ dollar range. Your bags with a little snug here and there work GREAT and are a FRACTION of the cost!
Thanks for all your help and a great cover.

We received our covers over the weekend and they are going to work out perfectly! Thanks for such a great product.

Just purchased a new cover to replace the first cover I purchased from you 7 years ago. The first one protected my kayak in southern Nevada heat and cold, outdoors. Very pleased with it's performance.

The covers are working out great on our Echos.

I have several of your Buddy covers and find them exceptional.

I have (and love) my two Danuu covers for my NDK Explorers. I find that the design of your cover makes it really easy to protect my kayaks. I hang them outside off of posts and find that it's really easy to get the covers on and off quickly. The covers protect my boats from snow and ice in the winter, falling leaves and twigs in the summer, and from the sun in every season.

It is so great to see a product that meets a real need, and does it in a way better than expected - the execution, material, function - even to such a simple but critical detail as the red flag! It was icing on the cake to realize it all folds into an easy to store, compact seat cushion.

Last year I purchased 2 of your canoe covers from Piragis. I took one cover on a 4,000 mile road trip from my home in Michigan to Northern Manitoba Canada, and it performed great.

I love the cover. It has been a godsend as I have no garage space and kayak is in direct sunlight midday, (angled shade early and late in the day).
Thanks again,

I'm buying my second Danuu sea kayak cover. I love my first - it's covering the boat I rarely use. Now I need one to protect my other Explorer from the ice and snow. I hope to be out every weekend throughout the winter so I like your design that lets me remove the cover so easily.

It is well made and I can put it on my Epic in about three minutes. It is perfect, and exactly what I was looking for. I have rarely been so satisfied with a product as I have been with this one. The quality and workmanship is incredible, and well worth what I paid for it. Thanks again for all your help.
With Best Regards and Aloha,

Just want to send you a note to say how impressed and pleased I am with the Buddy cover for my Solstice GS. It is great, easy to remove and put on with great coverage. The adjustments make the cover fit the Solstice like a glove. Thanks for the great product.

I have the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two (12' x 34"), what cover would you recommend. I've previously purchased a Danuu cover for my Scupper Pro and have been very happy with it.

Thanks for sending the three cover sizes to me. They are all I expected, they're great.

I bought a canoe cover from you several months ago for my OC-1. Since then, it has been resurfaced and stowed for a few months waiting for rudder cables - well, I just pulled my baby out yesterday and took it to the water -LOVE THAT COVER - it is so easy to pull off and put on. Plus the protection was great. Wanted to pass on the comments - your company has a great product and I will be showing it off to the clubs here in Texas.

Just to let you know, my kayak cover arrived today, and I'm very pleased with it.

Out for an awesome paddle last night – stoked to be back on the water finally – and my cover arrived this morning. Looks great. Thank you for the prompt, friendly, and quick service.
Mahalo nui loa

Hey team Danuu, Just received my Tubby and Paddi bag for my Bell carbon fiber canoe. Awsome product! This is the 1st time that I have been so pleased with anything that I have received in the mail that I would write a thank you note. Thank you very much!
It's going to look really bitchen on my new Sports Mobil.

Got the Kahuna cover and the Danuu paddle bag with the carry straps. We drove from FL to KS and did the MR 340 Kansas City to St Charles MO 340 miles on the MO River. The cover held up great for the road trip and the paddle bag was perfect to two sets of paddles. Thanks so much for a great product!