Keeping a 30-Year Old Kayak On the Water

Keeping a 30-Year Old Kayak On the Water

Aug 27th 2021

What started as an email about a shipping delay (thanks, Covid!) turned into a couple of great emails from Michael L. who was getting his late 90's Osprey Kayak back in tip-top shape for a trip to Lopez Island, Washington. Take a look!


Email from 6/23/2021
"I've examined the cover. The quality is excellent, like your approach to customer service. I'll be using it for the Osprey kayak I built from a Pygmy Boats kit back in the late '90s, and have paddled every since. It's made of marine mahogany plywood sandwiched in fiberglass -- stronger than a standard fiberglass kayak and about half the weight. Right now, I'm doing some deck rigging modifications and preventive maintenance."

Later that day...
"I've complete the modifications and maintenance on the kayak. Tomorrow I'm heading up to Lopez Island (off the coast of Washington) for a week of paddling. These are photos of the kayak's new deck rigging, and a photo of it secured for travel on the top of my car, protected by the great cover you sent me."

This is our favorite part!
"Is there a manager or supervisor there I could email to say what a good job you did responding to the problem with this order?" (He was already speaking with Nuuana, the owner! How's that for customer service!)